Our core business since 2006 has been the Motor Retail environment.



DATA INTEGRITY Data integrity is often undervalued and only truly understood when it’s too late.

A single keystroke error can result in an incorrect name, driver’s license number, contact details or VIN number with consequential impacts on contracts, policies, marketing campaigns, etc.

Seriti employs the latest technology to reduce data capture errors and validate data using integrated specialist solutions. To this end, Seriti offers verification services on contact (client) information and vehicle identification (VIN). Data consistency is addressed through integrating with other dealer systems, ensuring a seamless and consistent flow of data across all systems.

PRODUCT MANAGEMENT Seriti offers a highly-advanced product module capable of hosting both insurance and non-insurance products.

Access to products is controlled by Seriti and incorporates multiple level activation from Group down to user level. Product structuring is built on the principle of menu selling with a key differentiator being a tailored menu.  Whilst ‘Al la carte’ offers choice, it lacks personalization and can often lead to confusion.  Our menus of available products are matched to the specific deal. To achieve this, our product module includes numerous fields to cater for filtering, underwriting criteria, pricing and costing options as well as validity periods and conditions. Added features include uploading of Product Disclosures or Brochures, and Video links.

EFFICIENCIES The best method of measuring efficiency is that of time and effort and subsequent cost.

Seriti is constantly sourcing methods to incorporate new technology which results in improving the efficiency of any F&I process. Some of these methods include the following:

  • System Integration:
    - Reducing the need for recapturing data
    - Single point of data entry

  • Paper Reduction:
    - Replacing printed documents with electronic copies
    - Electronic signatures
    - Document uploading and attaching
  • Mobility:
    - Mobile device compatibility Internet based

  • Access/Storage:
    - Electronic deal file
PERFORMANCE Seriti offers the ability to track performance against targets and benchmarks across multiple levels such as, Groups; Branches; Business Managers; Sales Representatives; etc.

Performance monitoring is measured in volumes against units, products sold, product penetrations, and values against average values per unit and per product. Targets can be set for specific periods and linked to specific products and sale types. Benchmarks are available based on aggregated data with matching demographic profiles.

REPORTING The true value of a system lies in the ability to produce meaningful business intelligence.

Seriti prides itself in the range of reports available to monitor and measure all facets of F&I as well as high level retail performance. Reports are available in Excel format, allowing the ability to easily analyze data further. All reports are available on demand and in real time. We also offer the benefit of reports being electronically delivered per your personal preference.

INTEGRATION Integration offers numerous benefits, the biggest being increased efficiencies and data consistency.

Seriti understands the importance of segmenting data into separate specialist systems, however does not support the isolation of data. In today’s age of technology, integration between systems is merely a matter of programming and can often be achieved with minimal resource and cost. The value of integration between systems benefits all stakeholders, particularly the customer. In addition, it increases throughput and the window of opportunity for sales.

COMPLIANCE Driven by legislation and company policies, compliance can be a very onerous process.

The Seriti system simplifies this process by dissecting it into 3 key components:

Product Offering
It is widely known and accepted that all insurance products must be offered to all clients all the time, however a more important aspect is ensuring that only the applicable products are offered. Seriti’s product module incorporates advanced filtering technology ensuring accurate matching of products to the specific deal based on the client, payment type and term, vehicle and most importantly the underwriting conditions of each product.

Product disclosures are required to be issued prior to the final purchase of any product, ensuring that the client was afforded the opportunity to make an informed decision. The Seriti system drives the issuance of all documents prior to the finalization of the transaction. Documents can be printed or emailed.

Record Keeping
Record keeping is automated within the system and allows for perpetual electronic filing, enabling quick and easy access to records. From a product perspective, there is an automated Record of Offer document which records the products offered and accepted / declined and includes the ability to record client feedback on a per product basis. In terms of the transaction, there is a continuous audit trail of the transaction which records the actions of the user including when documents were printed or emailed.