Seriti exists because of its relationships built on trust and integrity.

At Seriti, we believe in collaborating with our clients and suppliers to build relationships based on more than mere financial benefit. Furthermore, we believe the key to our growth lies within the growth of our partners, which is why we continuously search for methods of improving industry growth.

No matter how big or small, Seriti offers a complete solution to improving performance and profits within the Finance and Insurance arena. Our philosophy in terms of support is simple: “Ensure our users are constantly in the best position to deliver to their customers”. Users also form the primary source for the continuous development of our capable system, and as such we value and welcome comments and suggestions.

Seriti understands the challenges associated with the vehicle asset finance sector. It is also widely acknowledged that finance is the catalyst to increasing Finance and Insurance performance within the motor retail sector. For this reason, Seriti focuses on driving processes to increase finance penetration resulting in increased quoting opportunities and subsequent take-up ratios. Efficiency in the process is key to increasing performance, to which end Seriti has developed integrations to transfer and receive data between systems. These integrations not only facilitate the flow of data, but more importantly ensure consistency and accuracy of data across all systems.